Simple Comfy Bedroom Decor


Everyone wants to have a comfortable bedroom. Sleep and take a nap are ways to relax and reducing stress from daily activities, job, or deadlines. So, having a comfortable bedroom is necessary.

White is one of many choices color that can make your room looks stunning. Here are some ideas to decorate or re-decorate your room.

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Ready for All White Vibe? White is a really good idea if you have not so big room, because it gives the impression for your room to look wider than it is. You can use all white furniture too, and white bed can make your room looks nice.

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White vs Wooden Thingy. This one is the ideas for mixing simple white wall with wooden vinyl flooring and the wood wardrobe accent is brilliant! This decor is suitable for your apartment room. It makes your room look so cozy and warm.

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This looks doesn't use white in all of the walls. Mixing brown-greyish color in one wall still make the room looks awesome. Wooden vinyl floor, white bed and a painting in different wall are such a good decor. 

That's all  some ideas for decorating your bedroom, and if you wanna share some tips to decorate a cozy bedroom, you can give comments bellow.

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